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Journey to the Dreams

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Dreams Dreams Dreams!!!!

We all have many dreams, but some dreams are very close to us; we badly wish they come true. We always listen from our elders that to achieve your dreams you need to work hard accordingly. We put efforts and sometimes we achieve something, but not exactly what we want.

We wish god to achieve our dreams, and god is ready to give us, still we don’t get it. Why?!

Here we need to understand something; god is always ready to support us, but still we don’t get it because we are not ready to get it. We need to prepare ourselves to receive god’s blessing. Preparing yourself means preparing for the struggle but not results. Most of the time, we alone cannot get through this struggle; that’s why god will keep on sending help for those who are putting efforts on their way to fulfil their dream.

Seeing dreams, or by wishing for them will never make it happen. We need to make it happen by working on it. So the first and most important thing is that you should understand your personality. After knowing yourself, you need to understand your dream, and where you stand now. Understanding is very important. Seeing a dream is easy and delightful, but achieving it, is never easy.

Whenever you start from somewhere with a target to reach some destination, that journey is what gives you happiness, good feeling and excitement. So don’t be scared about the tough path to achieve your dreams, because on completion of each step that you take towards your dreams, will give lots of happiness and internal satisfaction. After achieving your dreams, journey is what you won’t be able to forget in your life.

Good Luck, make your dream come true by your actions (god is with you, always helping you out), don’t just wish, make it happen.

“Some see dreams, some wishes for them to come true; others act to make them come true.”

Fear and Confidence

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Fear and confidence are two uncontrollable sentiments of us humans, but very rare people believe in this. When we are in fear, we will try to act confident, and when confident, still will fear of failure. Our reactions are always opposite as the impact is. I call it as uncontrollable sentiments because it doesn’t matter how hard anyone try to pretend, no one can.

In mathematical terms, Fear and Confidence are inversely proportional to each other, one gains, other loses. Many believe that they have to gain confidence by doing something, but actually its either way, you have to eradicate the fear out of you to be confident. It’s all managed internally referring to our actions and reactions.

When we fear about something, we cannot be confident about it. To be really confident about it, we have to eliminate fear out of us, but not by pretending to be confident. Pretending to be confident when you really feared about it is just a try to escape from it, and this evasion leads nowhere except failure. It’s like taking sun-bathe in highly cloudy weather.

To be confident we have to deal with our fears, but the default way we deal with our fear is that we try to escape from it. Sometime we feel very positive and confident that this time I will defeat my fear, but we lose and fear more about it. It’s not that way; we are humans, not any supernatural power, that in one shot we will be able to defeat our long back fears.

The best way to conquer our fear is by facing it strongly. But it takes some time to overcome it; just in one attempt you cannot overcome it completely. We will give it an attempt and will fail, but again we have to give another attempt until we succeed. Each time we fail, we gain some confidence over it, in next attempt we will definitely fail little shorter to success, also your fear will reduce with each attempt. Time will come; you won’t be having any fear and will be fully confident about it.

You can run from your fear as long as you want, but whenever you want to conquer it, you have to face it directly, there is no way around. So why wasting our time escaping it, get set go, fight hard and defeat it.

Limitless Mind – Know More – Believe More – Do More – Achieve More

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There are no limits to our imagination, our mind’s ability is doubtless about this, and we all know that.

Still somewhere we believe that mind has some limits – as when we decide, sometimes it goes wrong, and then it makes us feel this limitation.

Actually, according to me both are true, limitless mind’s ability and somewhere limited.

Mind can think up to any level, but we always think within our domain. Now question comes what is “our domain”??

“Our domain” or “Our thinking domain” is the limit we have defined for our mind to think. These limits are created based on our surroundings, past life, experiences, knowledge and attitude.

Now, let’s see how practically it works while decision making. When we make some decision, it’s based on our knowledge domain regarding respective subject. We gather knowledge, do brainstorming, do analysis and after analysis take a decision.

Right Naa..!! ???

Majority of people say “Yes,” that it’s based on knowledge domain, but I believe it’s not completely true. I believe it’s always based on what you really believe, not upon what you know.

Knowledge and Believe are two different things. You may have to lot of knowledge, but out of it, you believe in only few things, and those are the only things influence your decision.

Let’s take few examples, if you have to decide, you have 80% knowledge of subject matter, but you believe in only 40% subject matter (confident about 40% only), then your decision will be based only on that 40%.

Another example, when CEO of any company calls a meeting, after discussing with all other members when CEO makes a decision, some favor it and some does not. Why??? If after discussion, all the members are on same knowledge domain, then why the decision differs??? (Some say its experience, I say experience is what makes you believe in that subject matter, gives you confidence.)

Another one, many times happens in our life, we make some decision not based on our knowledge domain. It’s based on some experiences, which differ from our knowledge on that subject matter, why so??? Because we feel more confident and more secure with the decision from experience, as we believe in it.

Same logic works, when you want to achieve something. It is said, “To achieve, you must believe,” also in Secret Code (documentary) it is said, “You firmly have to believe that you will get, what you wished for, and prepare yourself to receive it.”

Sound knowledge on particular subject matter does not ensure that you will take a very good decision, what you believe out of it that matters. It doesn’t mean that, if you don’t believe, don’t take a decision – it’s wrong, always take a decision because it will give you experience, new learning and confidence and belief.

At first when you have no prior experience on subject matter, you are going to take a decision; your decision will be based on knowledge. Knowledge plays a very important role while making decision, it acts as a base for your believe. All the technical and logical proofs to make you believe in that decision, is giving by knowledge only.

Thank You.

Success Shortcut

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At first short, we always think of the easy way out from anything, Shortcut. There are shortcuts to everything, but it’s like mobile phone top-ups. Little confusing here, shortcuts a mobile phone top-up??? Shortcuts are easy to avail but always come with a validity period, like top-ups. It always leads to a limited time success, last longing and permanent success cannot be achieved by shortcuts.

We use history data to evaluate future of every decision we make, then why not in success??? If we look back and see successful people’s life story, we will always see a struggling/hard period during their path to success. We all go through same tough time at start, but decision we make during that time; hard work and dedication are what changes life ahead.

Everyone reached that level, has done hard work, has shown dedication to their work, done things extraordinarily. That’s why they are there. So can we be there, by beating history and making new shortcut methods??

Only few people, those very very lucky get there by luck without hard work and dedication. And trust me; we are not one of them. The probability of being lucky one is 0.001%, but the probability to achieve success by hard work and dedication is 99.99%. So which side you would like to invest your time, 0.001% of 99.99%???

So the success I am talking about which leads to a better living, internal satisfaction and happiness don’t really have a shortcut. Success is something, which is earned, and we cannot earn something without putting efforts.

We have a default life routine, just doing that doesn’t mean you are putting efforts. When you live each moment for your dream, do hard work, give all of your time, except time for basic day to day needs, show complete dedication, live for it, give all what you got, is the movement, we can say you are putting efforts. This kind of lifestyle cannot be lived for long, but at your basic building stages, you can live such a lifestyle to develop and build the base for your life/career. At later stages, you have to live a family balanced life, but the base you have built will be a multiply factor in your growth. Still in those times, you have to keep on working hard, and with dedication, but you can reduce time period and add up it to your daily life basic routine.

However, do remember one thing, building base is a time taking, hard-working process which needs a lot of dedications, and there’s no short way out of it. Everyone has done it; you also had to.

Shortcuts lead to short success; real dedication and hard work lead to really life-long success. Decision is all yours; you want easy way out and end up shortly, or want to live out a real life.

We generally adopt shortcuts, because we can see results in short time. We don’t opt hard work option, because it demands something, we don’t generally like to do, and it shows the result little late.

However, do remember one thing, slow changes are always last longing, also slow and steady wins the race.
There’s nothing difficult with hard work, real problem is our choice. We don’t do, what we like to do, instead we do things we are forced to or due to influence of people around us.

When our hearts not with us in what we do, then we shouldn’t do that thing, because we cannot do it for long. However, when our heart is with us in something, you will never find it difficult to do hard work, and will work happily with full dedication. Doing hard work will become fun and interesting, you won’t find anything uninteresting.

Either do what so ever you do with your heart, or do what you’re passionate about. And, doing is important to make changes, so JUST DO IT!

College Life

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The word “College Life” is much more complex than it seems to be. College Life can be seen from various different points of view. Let’s see what college life is at various stages of life.

Student in college Life:

“Life is fun (aish), friendship (yari-dosti), Ashqui, movies, parties, fights etc” an enjoyable life that they don’t want to end. “Kya din hai yaar… :)”

Just passed out college students:

“College life give us those unforgettable, sweet memories, times, moments those which will never come back” like missing those days and want to be back to them. “Woh bhi kya din thee… :(”

When these same students get married and have two children’s… 🙂

“College life was for something worth in our lives. It is really a time you cannot forget in life nor can you bring it back. In that age, you are really powerful, the real young blood. But all this power is fruitful if you put in onto the right track at the right time. College Life is the right and enough time to shape you future.

College Life is not for fun, enjoyment with friends via movies, parties, making fun of someone in group, love (ashqui), it is something a lot more worth than this. Friendship, Venue, Stage, Age and Support are the real face and power of college life, all you need is to understand it and use that power in right way at the right time!” 🙁 ! Sigh ! Face-up ! 🙂

Wao…!!!! What a statement Uncle/Aunty…!!! But I really mean it !! “WHAT WAS THAT..!!!!!” …
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The Examination of Life

God is a great examiner, we are all students.
This life is the answer book
On which we write our answers.

This world is the examination hall
Where all are sitting to take the examination.
The time allowed is three hours,
The first bell rings in childhood,
The second in youth and the third in old age.
The last bell is the call by the messenger of death.

The examination is over –
The answer sheet is snatched
And life meets its end.
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Are you busy in real thing???

SATAN’S MEETING ( Read even if you’re busy )

This is not only a good read but also food for thought, and I’m not too busy to forward this. May these words speak to everyone of us.


Satan called a worldwide convention of demons.

In his opening address he said,

“We can’t keep people from going to pray.”

“We can’t keep them from reading their holy books and knowing the truth.”

“We can’t even keep them from forming an intimate relationship with their God “.

“Once they gain that connection with GOD, our power over them is broken.”

“So let them go to their prayers; let them have their covered dish dinners,BUT steal their time, so they don’t have time to develop a relationship with GOD..”

“This is what I want you to do,” said the devil:

“Distract them from gaining hold of their GOD and maintaining that vital connection throughout their day!”

“How shall we do this?” his demons shouted.
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Silent Effect of Environment on Human Mind

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This is a small life story of a boy named George, who was just transferred to a town of Philadelphia. He was 18 years old. He had just shifted here because of his parent’s job. He was fond of music. Whenever he got time, he used to play his guitar. When he joined school, he found a group of students. Soon he joined that group because of lonely feeling. The group was of four students and they called it “Team GLRR” (George, Larry, Ron and Rick).

They enjoyed their life by means of parties, drinks, etc. Ron was most notorious among them. Now, George started spending most of his time with his group. He hardly found time for his family and interests in music. The whole group was enjoying life to the most. This effected George’s study. Earlier, he always score marks above 83% and now came down to 63%. He started returning home at late night.

George’s parents started feeling more concerned about him, they decided to talk to him. Next day when George returned home, his parents tried to talk to him, but George neglected his parents for the first time and went to his room. Before he could sleep, he thought what his parents were trying to tell him and he realized of changes come in him due to the company of this group of students. So, he decided to change himself back to his original life.
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Quotes & Lines to Implement in Life

If you decide to be a teacher or a patwari, you will end up becoming just that….

When you have someone,
Even there love will hurt you!
When you love someone,
Even their hurting will be lovable to you…. 🙂

Don’t aim for success if you want it,
Just do what you love and believe in,
and it will become naturally….

Take care of all your memories, for you cannot relive them…
Life is a chain of memories, ENJOY IT!!!

You get exactly what you are FEELING.
So, be clear about what you want….

Start doing what is possible,
then try to do what is necessary
& suddenly you will be doing IMPOSSIBLE.
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