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At first short, we always think of the easy way out from anything, Shortcut. There are shortcuts to everything, but it’s like mobile phone top-ups. Little confusing here, shortcuts a mobile phone top-up??? Shortcuts are easy to avail but always come with a validity period, like top-ups. It always leads to a limited time success, last longing and permanent success cannot be achieved by shortcuts.

We use history data to evaluate future of every decision we make, then why not in success??? If we look back and see successful people’s life story, we will always see a struggling/hard period during their path to success. We all go through same tough time at start, but decision we make during that time; hard work and dedication are what changes life ahead.

Everyone reached that level, has done hard work, has shown dedication to their work, done things extraordinarily. That’s why they are there. So can we be there, by beating history and making new shortcut methods??

Only few people, those very very lucky get there by luck without hard work and dedication. And trust me; we are not one of them. The probability of being lucky one is 0.001%, but the probability to achieve success by hard work and dedication is 99.99%. So which side you would like to invest your time, 0.001% of 99.99%???

So the success I am talking about which leads to a better living, internal satisfaction and happiness don’t really have a shortcut. Success is something, which is earned, and we cannot earn something without putting efforts.

We have a default life routine, just doing that doesn’t mean you are putting efforts. When you live each moment for your dream, do hard work, give all of your time, except time for basic day to day needs, show complete dedication, live for it, give all what you got, is the movement, we can say you are putting efforts. This kind of lifestyle cannot be lived for long, but at your basic building stages, you can live such a lifestyle to develop and build the base for your life/career. At later stages, you have to live a family balanced life, but the base you have built will be a multiply factor in your growth. Still in those times, you have to keep on working hard, and with dedication, but you can reduce time period and add up it to your daily life basic routine.

However, do remember one thing, building base is a time taking, hard-working process which needs a lot of dedications, and there’s no short way out of it. Everyone has done it; you also had to.

Shortcuts lead to short success; real dedication and hard work lead to really life-long success. Decision is all yours; you want easy way out and end up shortly, or want to live out a real life.

We generally adopt shortcuts, because we can see results in short time. We don’t opt hard work option, because it demands something, we don’t generally like to do, and it shows the result little late.

However, do remember one thing, slow changes are always last longing, also slow and steady wins the race.
There’s nothing difficult with hard work, real problem is our choice. We don’t do, what we like to do, instead we do things we are forced to or due to influence of people around us.

When our hearts not with us in what we do, then we shouldn’t do that thing, because we cannot do it for long. However, when our heart is with us in something, you will never find it difficult to do hard work, and will work happily with full dedication. Doing hard work will become fun and interesting, you won’t find anything uninteresting.

Either do what so ever you do with your heart, or do what you’re passionate about. And, doing is important to make changes, so JUST DO IT!

  • Grover Funda

    vry motivational sakun nice work dear……:) keep going………..

    • sakun

      Thank You.. 🙂

  • Shirin_bful

    satya vachan…:)

    • sakun

      Ya… 🙂

  • Pooja

    surely sakun! people feel there’s shortcut to everything but they always forget that success owned through shortcuts doesn’t last long!
    as there will never be self satisfaction and internal happiness.

    real strength is putting all ur efforts wholeheartedly n with patience and success will surely reach u making u proud! 🙂

    as they say in an advertisement……………”Thodi aur pyas barao”
    to achieve something you need to have that desire and thirst. than only u can put efforts n get succeed.

    May u have that thirst for your aims!
    Good Luck

    Er. Pooja
    Assistant Professor
    CT Institute of Technology
    CT Group of Institutions
    Shahpur campus,
    Jalandhar. 144020

    • sakun

      Thank You Mam… 🙂
      For sure, thirst is very necessary…

  • Good One 🙂

    • Thank You. 🙂

    • sakun

      Thank You.

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