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The word “College Life” is much more complex than it seems to be. College Life can be seen from various different points of view. Let’s see what college life is at various stages of life.

Student in college Life:

“Life is fun (aish), friendship (yari-dosti), Ashqui, movies, parties, fights etc” an enjoyable life that they don’t want to end. “Kya din hai yaar… :)”

Just passed out college students:

“College life give us those unforgettable, sweet memories, times, moments those which will never come back” like missing those days and want to be back to them. “Woh bhi kya din thee… :(”

When these same students get married and have two children’s… 🙂

“College life was for something worth in our lives. It is really a time you cannot forget in life nor can you bring it back. In that age, you are really powerful, the real young blood. But all this power is fruitful if you put in onto the right track at the right time. College Life is the right and enough time to shape you future.

College Life is not for fun, enjoyment with friends via movies, parties, making fun of someone in group, love (ashqui), it is something a lot more worth than this. Friendship, Venue, Stage, Age and Support are the real face and power of college life, all you need is to understand it and use that power in right way at the right time!” 🙁 ! Sigh ! Face-up ! 🙂

Wao…!!!! What a statement Uncle/Aunty…!!! But I really mean it !! “WHAT WAS THAT..!!!!!” …

In college life and up to its end we were very happy and talking all about friends and enjoyment. But when we turn old / mature our thinking changes to time to shape your career/future!

WHAT!!!! WHY!!!! HOW!!!!
“What is this?”
“Why is there this thinking GAP for the same thing over time??????”

The answer lies within our lives. Start thinking from the day we joined school. Why we joined it? Simple, parents send us and we joined it. We were too small to think at their level.

What we did in school – teacher taught us, we noted it down, remembered and then again we write the same thing in paper and passed classes on and on and one day we realized school is over, it’s time to join college.

So what we did in school, we learned how to write, draw, remember and then again write back those remembered stuff on piece of paper by recalling our memory. While some others adopted various different methods to recall without disturbing and giving pain to their precious mind…!! 😛

We learned many things which may be of our use and most may not be of our use. We learned to follow others, but didn’t know how to develop our own thinking!

But after that we get in to college. Here we get into the field we love to learn or be part of, but only till we haven’t joined that college (while decision making and during admission).

What happens after we join college, why we get so involved into friendship, fun, and enjoyment that we forget what really we joined college for? And after many years we talk like uncle/aunty mentioned before.

It’s the lost focus, because human mind get attracted by enjoyable and easy stuff very easily than brainstorming hard stuff.

Before we joined school we were RAW MATERIAL. After school we were BASIC SHAPED PRODUCT to be POLISHED.

We go to college for POLISHING ourselves, to be a complete independent person who can face challenges on own because he/she is has be passed through such circumstances while his/her polishing stage in college for 4 – 5 years.
But what most college student does in college life, completely destroy him/her from basic shape also, and those who somehow manage to survive in this period and get polished become extra valued people.

Ask yourselves, if you go to market to buy some new product, what will you prefer, a polished one or the de-shaped unusable condition product? Everyone knows that new product is to be tuned as per your requirement, even the recruiters also know this, but it is easy, less time consuming, highly valuable and economical to tune the polished product than unusable model. Think…!!!

There are 3 – 4 kinds of student in college:

1. Those, who thinks college as fun centre, enjoyment, party etc are the one who end up de-shaped models.

2. Those, who somehow manages to polish themselves during this period. They also remain in same environment, but have got some motivation, inspiration acting as shield from wrong environment. In 99.999% cases it’s the family and environment given by them to their children.

3. Those, who lack guidance to the right path and didn’t know how to polish themselves. There can be many reasons for this related to background of family etc. But here comes the role of college staff and management which really creates difference really good college and a college.

4. Those, who feel like they have lost the battle, now nothing can happen, time is lost. For those, I wanted to say only one thing – “Young blood has power to move back from any state and lead to any best state. Until you are unmarried you are Young Blood, after that, time for yourself in your live is OVER”.

Now, question arises how to polish ourselves also by being in such environment and protecting us and also enjoying the real college life?


Friendship, Venue, Stage, Age, Support and God, lets study them in brief one by one:


We all are sent to join some institution for reason. The reason is that they are professionals who can show the best and right path to the students. They can provide the best opportunity to the student to develop him/her self to face any condition by going through and experiencing them. College is that location / situation which provide us all above. Colleges should be rated based on these qualities. At this age student should become independent and should make his/her own notes. Teacher should be there to help student achieving this task rather than making notes themselves and giving to student same as in schools. THIS ISN’T SCHOOL! GROW UP…!!

College management should work on providing opportunities to the students to expose themselves and polish there qualities. College should be motivating and making student aware of these things. Such a college acts as a BIG support for students to get POLISHED.


The age group we are in during our college life is a part of Young Blood age group. In this age group we have no limits. We have such powerful mind, thinking, attitude, creativity that we can almost do anything we wanted. All what we need to do is focus on Positive and use this energy positive side, and we should be honest with ourselves.


Almost every college organizes events. Events are opportunity for students to come forward and remove a sense of fear. Once somebody told me “Our body is fully confident body, but it’s shadowed with the fear. All we need is to remove fear out from our body not insert confidence into ourselves, confidence is already within us.” So, all stage events at various different – different colleges are opportunity to remove fear from within us and bring more self confidence out from within us.


Everyone knows how powerful tool is this. It is such powerful that within seconds it gives you 1000 times more power than SUN and vice versa in case of wrong friend’s environment. Try to form a group of students and do something creative. Try to develop some, or work on something worthwhile for your careers and as guided by elders. A single brain cannot do what a group of brains can do all together. So why not use this tool to better your life as well as other’s also.


We all are created by GOD, we all are part of him. He has given everyone the power of spirituality. He always cares for us. God always give us what we want. GOD always says that you do only one thing (one duty) rest all I will take care of, and really he does also.

So question arises what is that one duty for the college students or student age
group. It is to be a Good Person, just only this. Good Person has very few qualities: –

• Respect everyone from true heart.
• Respect family member.
• Be honest always.
• Trust God.
• For students, study faithfully!!!! 🙂

Just by being good person and trusting God solves many problems. You are supposed to be just good person, rest all is taken care by GOD.

All the tools, methods, strategies above may not apply to all the students, but there are ways / solutions to find out what really suits you to POLISH yourself. Our focus should be POLISHING ourselves. If we start POLISHING ourselves in above mentioned ways, college life becomes interesting and enjoyable with all these POLISH stuff.

All we do, work hard, get better jobs should have final and ultimate motto of being happy. Happiness comes from within us when we are internally satisfied, we are internal satisfaction and internal satisfaction comes when you really has done hard work and achieved success.

“Behind every successful person there is Female”, and before marriage its “Mother” not “Girlfriend” and after marriage you’re “Wife” not “Outsider”. Before Marriage “Girlfriend” and after marriage “Outsider” both leads to destruction, so be aware of it.

We still have time and the best part we are Young Blood with family and GOD support. 🙂

Thank You

Written By: Sakun Sharma

  • amanpreet

    gud effort..nd everything nicely written…i really enjoyed reading this article…keep it up…all d best..may god bless uu..:)

  • I think college life is the golden period of our life.

  • Shadow

    you have reasearched alot…
    and actually ..real facts .you have written…true
    and explained very gd..

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