Silky Puri
Silky Puri belongs to Hamirpur, Himachal. She has good nature. She is consistent topper of this class from first semester onwards. She has good knowledge of subjects. She is very talented student and got excellent Writing Skills and Communication Skills.
Abhilasha Mourya
Abhilasha Mourya is from Hamirpur, Himachal. She is very good in studies. Abhilasha is Leet student and joined this class in 2009. Before she has done diploma in Information Technology. From third semester onward she is among top three students of the class.
Vikas Singh
Vikas Singh is from Himachal. He got excellent technical skills. Vikas does not like to take interest in any of college or class activity, but he really got an excellent skills. He is good programming skills.

Seminar Students

Sakun Sharma
Sakun Sharma belongs to Jalandhar Cantt, Punjab. He was born in Panaji, Goa. In 4th Semester he has given many seminar in his class on various subject topics. Beyond subject topics, Sakun has also given seminar on various technologies to interested students during break time. Recently Sakun has given motivational seminar in Information Technology 2nd Semester.
Pankaj Parasar
Pankaj Parasar is from Bihar, India. Pankaj Parasar is also known as Guruji, because he is an excellent maths student & teacher. Pankaj got great teaching skills, after college he takes tution of juniors on math and programming subjects. He as also given many seminars in our class on various subject topics. He is good in his skills.
Parminder Kaur
Parminder Kaur from Punjab, India. Parminder Kaur is an excellent student. She also got great teaching skills. She is also among the top five students in the class. In 6th semester she has given many seminars on various different topic subjects.

Latest Updates

  • APR 18, 2011
    Akash Sethi Seminar

    Akash Sethi has given seminar on SMTP Protocol of AIT, the last topic of AIT subject.

  • MAR 21, 2011
    Seminar in IT 2nd by Sakun Sharma

    Sakun Sharma of this class in 6th Semester has giving seminar in IT 2nd Class about importance of time for college student.

  • MAR 2011
    5th Semester Results Declared

    5th Semester Results were out, Silky topped with 87%. Abhilasha was second and Parminder Kaur was third this time.