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In our gallery we have sweet memories and life of the IT Students. We have captured the success, failture, struggle, hardwork, happiness, professionality, understandability and many more of the students all together. Find out yourself how they are....

Latest Updates

  • APR 17, 2011
    New Photo Added to Student Album

    New Photograph of Student Sakun Sharma and Vivek Zinta was added to the student gallery.

  • APR 08, 2011
    TechBuzz 2011 Album Added

    On April 08, 2011 members of Technophilia Club organized an event TechBuzz 2011 in college campus in which there were programming, network, web-designing, debate and photo competition.

  • MAR 06, 2011
    CT 4th Half Marathon Album Added

    CT Group has organized an Half Marathon, and students from this class were part of organization.