Backup Router/Switch Configuration

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I am going to mention two easy methods to backup router / switch configuration file.

  • Using Putty logging
  • Using TFTP

Using Putty Logging

  1. Open router / switch terminal via putty connection.
  2. Enter enable mode (by entering enable command).
  3. Enter command terminal length 0 (to display show run commands without breaks)
  4. Right click putty and select Change Settings.
  5. Putty Right Click

  6. Select Session
    • Logging
    • All Session output
    • Log File Name – path and filename of the config file.

    Putty Change Settings

  7. Enter command show run on your router/switch.
  8. Close the session.

Using TFTP

  1. You can transfer file from router/switch to your TFTP server.
  2. For TFTP server, you can use open source TFTPD32 application.
    • Download Link –
  3. Configure your TFTPd32 application as shown in screenshot.
  4. TFTPd32 Setting

    • Current Directory – Directory where you want to store your configuration file.
  5. Enter following command in enable mode of your router / switch.
    • Copy running-config tftp:
      • Enter the tftp server address – eg.
      • Enter the file name of the config – eg. r1-config

tftp commands

tftp file receive


Similary you can use this method for copying firewall or other device configurations.

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