Journey to the Dreams

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Dreams Dreams Dreams!!!!

We all have many dreams, but some dreams are very close to us; we badly wish they come true. We always listen from our elders that to achieve your dreams you need to work hard accordingly. We put efforts and sometimes we achieve something, but not exactly what we want.

We wish god to achieve our dreams, and god is ready to give us, still we don’t get it. Why?!

Here we need to understand something; god is always ready to support us, but still we don’t get it because we are not ready to get it. We need to prepare ourselves to receive god’s blessing. Preparing yourself means preparing for the struggle but not results. Most of the time, we alone cannot get through this struggle; that’s why god will keep on sending help for those who are putting efforts on their way to fulfil their dream.

Seeing dreams, or by wishing for them will never make it happen. We need to make it happen by working on it. So the first and most important thing is that you should understand your personality. After knowing yourself, you need to understand your dream, and where you stand now. Understanding is very important. Seeing a dream is easy and delightful, but achieving it, is never easy.

Whenever you start from somewhere with a target to reach some destination, that journey is what gives you happiness, good feeling and excitement. So don’t be scared about the tough path to achieve your dreams, because on completion of each step that you take towards your dreams, will give lots of happiness and internal satisfaction. After achieving your dreams, journey is what you won’t be able to forget in your life.

Good Luck, make your dream come true by your actions (god is with you, always helping you out), don’t just wish, make it happen.

“Some see dreams, some wishes for them to come true; others act to make them come true.”

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