Fear and Confidence

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Fear and confidence are two uncontrollable sentiments of us humans, but very rare people believe in this. When we are in fear, we will try to act confident, and when confident, still will fear of failure. Our reactions are always opposite as the impact is. I call it as uncontrollable sentiments because it doesn’t matter how hard anyone try to pretend, no one can.

In mathematical terms, Fear and Confidence are inversely proportional to each other, one gains, other loses. Many believe that they have to gain confidence by doing something, but actually its either way, you have to eradicate the fear out of you to be confident. It’s all managed internally referring to our actions and reactions.

When we fear about something, we cannot be confident about it. To be really confident about it, we have to eliminate fear out of us, but not by pretending to be confident. Pretending to be confident when you really feared about it is just a try to escape from it, and this evasion leads nowhere except failure. It’s like taking sun-bathe in highly cloudy weather.

To be confident we have to deal with our fears, but the default way we deal with our fear is that we try to escape from it. Sometime we feel very positive and confident that this time I will defeat my fear, but we lose and fear more about it. It’s not that way; we are humans, not any supernatural power, that in one shot we will be able to defeat our long back fears.

The best way to conquer our fear is by facing it strongly. But it takes some time to overcome it; just in one attempt you cannot overcome it completely. We will give it an attempt and will fail, but again we have to give another attempt until we succeed. Each time we fail, we gain some confidence over it, in next attempt we will definitely fail little shorter to success, also your fear will reduce with each attempt. Time will come; you won’t be having any fear and will be fully confident about it.

You can run from your fear as long as you want, but whenever you want to conquer it, you have to face it directly, there is no way around. So why wasting our time escaping it, get set go, fight hard and defeat it.

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