Limitless Mind – Know More – Believe More – Do More – Achieve More

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There are no limits to our imagination, our mind’s ability is doubtless about this, and we all know that.

Still somewhere we believe that mind has some limits – as when we decide, sometimes it goes wrong, and then it makes us feel this limitation.

Actually, according to me both are true, limitless mind’s ability and somewhere limited.

Mind can think up to any level, but we always think within our domain. Now question comes what is “our domain”??

“Our domain” or “Our thinking domain” is the limit we have defined for our mind to think. These limits are created based on our surroundings, past life, experiences, knowledge and attitude.

Now, let’s see how practically it works while decision making. When we make some decision, it’s based on our knowledge domain regarding respective subject. We gather knowledge, do brainstorming, do analysis and after analysis take a decision.

Right Naa..!! ???

Majority of people say “Yes,” that it’s based on knowledge domain, but I believe it’s not completely true. I believe it’s always based on what you really believe, not upon what you know.

Knowledge and Believe are two different things. You may have to lot of knowledge, but out of it, you believe in only few things, and those are the only things influence your decision.

Let’s take few examples, if you have to decide, you have 80% knowledge of subject matter, but you believe in only 40% subject matter (confident about 40% only), then your decision will be based only on that 40%.

Another example, when CEO of any company calls a meeting, after discussing with all other members when CEO makes a decision, some favor it and some does not. Why??? If after discussion, all the members are on same knowledge domain, then why the decision differs??? (Some say its experience, I say experience is what makes you believe in that subject matter, gives you confidence.)

Another one, many times happens in our life, we make some decision not based on our knowledge domain. It’s based on some experiences, which differ from our knowledge on that subject matter, why so??? Because we feel more confident and more secure with the decision from experience, as we believe in it.

Same logic works, when you want to achieve something. It is said, “To achieve, you must believe,” also in Secret Code (documentary) it is said, “You firmly have to believe that you will get, what you wished for, and prepare yourself to receive it.”

Sound knowledge on particular subject matter does not ensure that you will take a very good decision, what you believe out of it that matters. It doesn’t mean that, if you don’t believe, don’t take a decision – it’s wrong, always take a decision because it will give you experience, new learning and confidence and belief.

At first when you have no prior experience on subject matter, you are going to take a decision; your decision will be based on knowledge. Knowledge plays a very important role while making decision, it acts as a base for your believe. All the technical and logical proofs to make you believe in that decision, is giving by knowledge only.

Thank You.

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