How to Configure Cisco UC500 Series (Basic Configuration)

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Configure Cisco UC500 Series (Basic Configuration) is Part-2 of Complete UC500 Configuration Post, following are link to other parts:

Cisco Unified Communication Manager 500 Series can be configured using Cisco Configuration Assistance which comes in CD with UC500 or can be downloaded from Cisco Official Site.

Follow the following setups to configure UC500:

  1. Connect Ethernet cable from any of 8 IP Phone ports to your laptop or machine ethernet adapter.
  2. Set IP configuration of adapter to Obtain IP from DHCP (as DHCP is enabled by default for IP Phone Ports).
  3. It will obtain IP in network of 192.168.10.x, as shown below:

  5. Now start Cisco Configuration Assistant (CCA).
  6. Connect to UC500 using IP Address: (which is your gateway).
  7. Now before you connect to UC500, you need to enter username and password. So to create username and password you have to connect to console via Serial Cable and via Hyper Terminal enter following command in global configuration mode (entered via entering command configure terminal):
  8.                                          username admin password cisco 15

  9. Now login into UC500 with the credentials created in above command:
    1. Username: admin
    2. Password: cisco
    3. Privilege Level: 15
  10. You will come up with Telephony Setup Wizard. Close this wizard as we will setup manually.
  11. Now we have to configure exchange, on left panel, go to: Telephony –> Users and Extensions –> Users and Phones.

  13. Now when you click Users and Phones, and dialog appears like shown below which ask you for Telephony Initialization.

  15. As per your wish you can enter Number of Digits Per Extension and Voicemail Access Extension. (I have entered 3 Digits per Extension and 200 as Voicemail Access Extension).
  16. At this point, you exchange is ready to connect IP phones.
  17. Now connect IP Phone to one of the IP Phone Port at front panel of UC500.
  18. If you don’t have IP Phone and want to configure using some software which acts as IP Phone, you can use Cisco IP Communicator (CIPC) Software. All the configuration show ahead is using Cisco IP Communicator as IP Phone.

  20. Install Cisco IP Communicator (CIPC) on your laptop and other machines you want to make call. When you install CIPC, you can see Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) Packet Driver installed in your ethernet adapter settings. (IP Phones use CDP protocol to discover other voice devices)

  22. When you start CIPC, your phone will automatically discover UC500 in network using CDP and register itself to it.

  24. When phone registers itself with exchange, exchange displays messages on terminal as shows below:

  26. At this moment, phone is registered to exchange, but to make it working you have to configure phone with extension number and some other configurations. To configure phone, navigate to Users and Phone in Cisco Configuration Assistant (CCA).
  27. There you will see this phone in list but un-configured. Select this phone and click on Edit.

  29. In edit mode enter the required information for this phone. I have entered information as shown below:

  31. After entering the required information click “OK”. Extension Number entered above “201” is the phone number for this phone.
  32. When configured successfully, it will show full information in Users and Phone list as shown below:

  34. At this moment phone is ready for use with extension number 201.
  35. On IP phone you can see the changes, it will now show its extension number and description of the phone configured in CCA as shown below:

  37. In similar manner you can configure another IP Phone or CIPC for testing purpose. I am attaching few screenshots of second CIPC phone configurations.





  39. At this moment, both phones are ready to make call. So make a test call between these two phones. Make a call from phone DSharma 202 to Sakun 201.

  41. You can see topology by clicking Topology and see exchange topology as shown below:

  43. Now save configuration by navigating to Save Configuration, last option in CCA left panel and save configuration for all devices.

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  • Thank you very much. You saved a lot of time for me. A real step by step guide with pictures. I really appreciate.

    • sakun

      Your Welcome.

    • Your Welcome.

  • Praveen

    Good Work , can i attach SIP phones (cisco updated from skiiny to SIP) on UC 520 ?

    • sakun

      Thank You.
      As far as I remember, Yes you can attach SIP phones from Cisco as well.

  • Ch_aqeel

    hi man
    i deleted extension while phone was pluged in now 7941 is not registering with any account even new one say on phone registration failed what shoud i do? any one help plz

    • sakun

      You can reset phone configuration and retrying connecting it. Also delete phone configuration on phone while its unplugged from network.

  • Sajjad Moosa

    tanx buddy

    • Your Welcome. 🙂

  • jafar

    Great job !! Really very useful information for all !! Actually i tried my self to do this i got it !! Thanks for sharing !!!


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