The Examination of Life

God is a great examiner, we are all students.
This life is the answer book
On which we write our answers.

This world is the examination hall
Where all are sitting to take the examination.
The time allowed is three hours,
The first bell rings in childhood,
The second in youth and the third in old age.
The last bell is the call by the messenger of death.

The examination is over –
The answer sheet is snatched
And life meets its end.

Do not cheat – the examination is everywhere.
Don’t waste your time writing useless stuff.
You will get no credit if you sit idle and write nothing.
Write down what you know so that you do not have to say:
“The paper was lengthy and time was short.”

If you fail, you will come back to same hall –
If you pass, you go to heaven
And return no more.

  • sunakshi

    Hello! it is nice to read such an article. m feeling lucky to read this. i wish all the very best for ur life & to all ur dreams…..all the best….i really enjoyed ur articles…….keep it up……

  • Sakun

    @sunakshi – Thank You… 🙂 and best of luck for your life and dreams also…!

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