Silent Effect of Environment on Human Mind

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This is a small life story of a boy named George, who was just transferred to a town of Philadelphia. He was 18 years old. He had just shifted here because of his parent’s job. He was fond of music. Whenever he got time, he used to play his guitar. When he joined school, he found a group of students. Soon he joined that group because of lonely feeling. The group was of four students and they called it “Team GLRR” (George, Larry, Ron and Rick).

They enjoyed their life by means of parties, drinks, etc. Ron was most notorious among them. Now, George started spending most of his time with his group. He hardly found time for his family and interests in music. The whole group was enjoying life to the most. This effected George’s study. Earlier, he always score marks above 83% and now came down to 63%. He started returning home at late night.

George’s parents started feeling more concerned about him, they decided to talk to him. Next day when George returned home, his parents tried to talk to him, but George neglected his parents for the first time and went to his room. Before he could sleep, he thought what his parents were trying to tell him and he realized of changes come in him due to the company of this group of students. So, he decided to change himself back to his original life.

Next morning, he apologies to his parents and promised them that this will not happen again. He shared his decision with his friends, but they made fun of him. But George was affirmative this time and he deiced to leave the group. He remained away from the company of this group.

One day, Team GLRR found George very upset and asked him to join them and relieve his stress. They took George to Club where they made him to drink. Next day, George was again back to that group and become regular drinker.

One day when annual results were declared, George found himself failed in all subjects, but he found that his friends were passed. After seeing result, George was badly hurt. When George’s father got the news of his failure, he got an attack and was shifted to Hospital in emergency.

For many days, George remained in hospital to take care of his father. During non visiting hours of hospital, he got time to be alone. Whenever he thought about his past in which he wasted his precious time in bad company, he was disturbed a lot. Now he was able to realize his responsibilities and the value of time. He also becomes aware of company and environments, how these silently affects the persons without letting them know. So he decided to be in some good environments, so that he can adopt good habits and attitudes. He decided either to be alone or join a good company.

He could not find any good company to his expectations and decided to be alone. But whenever Team GLRR comes in front of him, he got his mind diverted. He understood that company is a kind of addiction and difficult to leave. So he moved away from this company.

At new location, he found one interesting musical group of students in which every student was good in music, scholar and better person in their life. He joined this group because of interest in music and previous music experience. Whenever group persons got time, they worked on songs. They all respected each other a lot. They composed their own song and George was guitarist of that song.
This new company had an enormous effect on George’s life. He learned many new things which later helped him a lot in his life. His family was also happy with his progress.

Now George is a successful guitarist as well as music director in the group, released many successful albums.

Points to Considers:

1. Environments have a great effect in our lives. Acts silently and we don’t even know that we are being affected. So let us seek for good environments.

2. Some time we should spare some time for ourselves and think from where we are coming and to where we are leading.

3. Either be a part or create good society/environments, so that others can be also part of it.

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By: Sakun Sharma

  • Anonymous

    yep…… right
    Environments have a great effect in our lives
    better to be alone than to be in bad company……
    nice job

  • Neeraj Datta

    good, this article is moving and inspirational

  • Sakun

    Thank You

  • Anonymous

    so true man,,,,,,,,,,,,,really….nyc!!!!!

  • its nice.

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